Anatomy of a Flip: Day 6 – Site Completed

I am happy to announce that FitnessGames(.)us is now complete! After spending just about 15 minutes today putting the finishing touches together the site is now finished See below for my final tasks to finish the site:

First I had to properly link my new forum into the site. This involved simply changing the link that the "Enter Forum" button leads to. Next I added the Copyright to the bottom of each page. Always good to copyright your work – especially if you’ve designed it all yourself!

The next step is to add my Google Analytics tracking code. It is very important to understand your traffic – this is one of the keys to optimizing your site over time. Google makes it easy to generate tracking code and put it on each page within your site. The final step was just checking the links to make sure everything worked properly, and that’s it!

Task: Link forum into site, add Copyright, Google Analytics tracker, make sure all links work
Time to complete task: 15 minutes

For those who have followed this flip from start to finish I hope it’s inspired you to start flipping some of your domains yourself. While I contract-out many of my flips I still find great satisfaction in flipping a domain myself. I look for domains in my portfolio that I think have great potential but with a very specific vision in mind. Those I know I can do best myself so I take the time to do them.

What you should also have learned from this flip is that it doesn’t take a whole lot of time to make a great first site. I can imagine one or two more iterations of Fitness Games over the next few months, but this is where it starts. The first iteration of your flip doesn’t have to be perfect – it can evolve over time, the important thing is that you get it out there in the world. Over the next week I will go through the process I follow for getting traffic to the domain.

One interesting point to make. Thus far I’ve spend absolutely no money doing this flip. The domain name price was $12.99 and that’s the only money I’ve put-into this investment. The methods I will use for building traffic to the site will also cost nothing. With hundreds of domains it’s impossible to build-out all of the domains yourself. By contracting-out development and getting your hands dirty and building a few sites yourself you’d be surprised how quickly you can build valuable domains.

Thanks for reading and as always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. I can always be reached at:

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton