Analytics and SEO: Understanding your Traffic

In this episode I explain the basics of analytics and how you can use this data to improve your website rankings. Analytics can help you determine what content your visitors like the most so you can continue to provide targeted content. Understanding what keywords visitors use to reach your site can also help improve your keyword targeting and reach the right audience for your site.

Analytics is a well-known concept amonst web designers and SEO-expterts however not as well known amongst Domainers. This is an essential tool for understanding your traffic and optimizing your site for a particular target audience. Google Analytics and Stat Counter are the two main tools used to capture analytics data. The top three pieces of data I use analytics tools for are:

1) Understanding which keywords cause visitors to reach your site (i.e. what they type-into the search engine)

2) Understanding what other sites refer visitors to your site

3) Learning how long a visitors spends on your site or a particular article on your site

By understanding which keywords are the most popular for search traffic arriving at your site you can optimize your anchor-text and content to ensure that the right visitor is reaching your site. Understanding which sites are responsible for a majority of your referral traffic is essential for finding potential partnership opportunities and learning even more about what your visitors might be intersted in. How long a visitor spends on your site, or a particular article, can help domain owners target their content based on popularity – ensuring that you always provide relevant content to your visitors.

I hope this video helps inspire more people to understand their visitors better. Thanks for watching/reading and enjoy your weekend!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton