Affiliate Summit West – Sessions: Killer Emails and Social List Building Techniques – Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of Killer Emails and Social List Building Techniques, one of the best sessions I attended at Affiliate Summit this year. To make the information more digestible I decided to split it into two posts, if you missed the first post you can read it here. Now, onto Part Two!


Case Study:

  1. Multiple forms, close to content (you can use four forms on the same page, going beyond two forms does make a difference, can use different language around each)
  2. Varied Copy and Calls To Action
  3. Social Proof Builds Credibility

Using these techniques went from under 3,000 subscribers to over 10,000. Multiple sign-up forms was critical to this success.

  • Put sign-up form at the end of each blog post, can dramatically increase sign-ups.
  • Lightbox gets more conversions than a sliding box.

“After” landing pages –three key tactics

  1. Deliver on sign-up expectations and offers
  2. Test social media and email sharing (once subscribed give people way to share)
  3. Never leave new subscribers at a DEAD END (don’t just say Thank You, give them more info, ways to share, etc.)


  • Great way to cultivate longer relationships
  • Series can be as short or long as needed
  • Is your content strong enough for a series?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • Advanced: Consider separate paths and segmenting autoresponder recipients

Social Media

  • Augments (not replaces) email, RSS lists
  • Likes/tweets are the first step, not the last
  • Use social tie-ins strategically, appropriately
  • Tip – test social media on before and after opt-in landing pages
  • Use social tie-ins for Likes AND emails
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton