A warm welcome to my newest sponsor – Uniregistry

So I think that every single domain investor who reads my blog knows who Frank Schilling is, he’s one of the leaders of our industry and a major innovator in the domain name space. When Frank does something, he goes big and he innovates, also in big ways. I have been a loyal Domain Name Sales customer since it’s launch and currently keep more than 90% of my domains parked there.

My favorite thing about products and services that come out of Frank’s company is that they continue to get even better over time. When I started using Domain Name Sales (called Internet Traffic at the time) I was really hoping they would release an app. Then, boom, they released an app that I now use just about every single day.

So when I hear that Frank was starting a registrar I was instantly interested, and as usual, he’s taken his experience to build what I think is fair to say is a next-generation registrar, or put more simply, the Apple of registrars.


Not only is the U/X incredibly clean but they’ve taken steps to make one of the most secure and seamless experiences all backed by world-class support. A majority of the new registrations I’ve made this year have taken place at Uniregistry and I have recommended them to a number of startups I have helped acquire domain names.

New sponsorship spots don’t come available on my blog often and when one does I always look for a company that I personally am using and truly love. So I am very happy to welcome a registrar founded by one of the most experienced leaders in the domain world, backed by a team of equal caliber.

So please join me in welcoming the newest addition to MorganLinton.com and a company I hold in very high regard. If you haven’t tried Uniregistry before give it a shot and please let me know what you register, it might just end-up getting featured in a future post.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton