A Twitter poll by Rick Schwartz show domain investors moving away from new gTLDs

Rick Schwartz currently has a poll running on Twitter asking the question, “If you are into buying gTLD’s which best reflects your current outlook?” I think it’s very safe to say that this question is geared towards Domainers and that’s likely the bulk of the folks who are following Rick on Twitter.


I had a bit of a tough time answering this as I didn’t find an answer that really covered my position. I have never been all in on the new gTLDs, for me I’ve always told myself I’m okay experimenting but the only TLD I’m all in on is .COM. So the first two answers wouldn’t really apply to me.

At the same time, I wouldn’t want to return the new gTLDs I registered so the only answer that would most closely describe me is that I have stopped buying. That being said, I haven’t stopped buying but it’s pretty close to accurate since I never really bought big on new gTLDs and I do buy new gTLDs pretty darn rarely.

What the numbers do show though is that 71% of folks don’t seem to be incredibly bullish on the investor side and I think that’s probably pretty fair. I personally have seen end users doing some great things with new gTLDs but I haven’t heard of many investors that have made a killing yet.

If you haven’t voted yet I’d pop on over to https://twitter.com/DomainKing and cast your vote. Of course I’d also love to hear your thoughts below. Are new gTLDs going to be a good investment for Domainers long-term or will those who have spent big be out big bucks?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton