A slew of premium .NYC domains hit the market just in time for Fashion Week


I just got word that Neustar, the company behind the popular .NYC domain name extension is releasing some of their most premium fashion-related domain names just in time for Fashion Week. The names become available starting on February 1st and I think you’ll agree they are some of the best:

Apparel.nyc Boots.nyc Boutique.nyc Bras.nyc
Clothes.nyc Couture.nyc Deals.nyc Designer.nyc
Fashion.nyc Jewelry.nyc Lingerie.nyc Makeup.nyc
Models.nyc Photographer.nyc Rings.nyc Runway.nyc
Salon.nyc Shirts.nyc Shoes.nyc Shop.nyc
Sneakers.nyc Stylist.nyc Suits.nyc Swimsuit.nyc

My three favorites are Fashion.nyc, Suits.nyc (HUGE business in New York), and Shop.nyc. That being said I think it’s safe to say that all of the domains listed above are some of the most premium in the fashion space and it’s the first time they have been made available to the public.

While I’d probably want to buy a few of these domains myself, I can’t since they are only available to New Yorkers. Still I thought this was exciting enough to write about and since I’m actually flying to NYC on February 1st I also thought the timing was pretty interesting. With domains like RealEstate.nyc selling for $21,300 I’ll be very interested to see what these domains end up going for.

If you’re in New York and interested in learning more, or if you just want to learn more, you can check-out all the details at www.auctions.nyc

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton