A must-read for startup founders trying to understand how domain names impact SEO


Earlier today, domain industry veteran Andrew Rosener wrote a great post about how domain names impact SEO. There is has been a lot of confusion about what role domain names play when it comes to ranking well in search engines. While it would be great if buying a good domain name would instantly improve your SEO but those days are long gone.

Still, too many people miss the value that a good domain name has on SEO. Yes, you’re right – having a good domain name won’t instantly launch you to the top of Google, but the ways in which a good domain can get you there faster are often overlooked.

“Domain names impact SEO by increasing the click thru rates and connecting with consumer intent.  When you own the perfect match domain for your brand, it can have a significant impact on your traffic.  Your domain is an important element in positioning your brand against the competition.  Great brands own their exact match domain online.” (Source – Media Options)

There are some great case studies in his article with startups like Tuff & Needle, Kiwi, and Due digging into why they took the plunge and made a serious investment in getting a great domain. Of course there are a lot of other factors at play here but I don’t want to steal Andrew’s thunder so if you want to dig deeper into the impact that domain names have on SEO, I recommend reading the full article here.

Thanks to Andrew for putting this together, definitely a great resource covering all of the bases on a hot topic for startups. For anyone out there thinking they should just buy Get____.com or ____online.com, read this, it might just change your mind.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton