A Good Domain Name Is Like A Fine Wine


As many of you know, I love wine. Daina and I run a wine blog and are members of a number of wineries in Southern California. We’ve been wine tasting all over the world and of course, as a Domainer, I own quite a few wine domains as well.

We are still on vacation (yes, I blog while on vacation! The show must go on, right?) up in Big Bear. Last summer I discovered that Big Bear had opened a tasting room, which is actually the only place on the mountain where you can go to taste wine. So tonight we decided we would visit and try some of their latest picks.

Now we are back in our cozy cabin and like the domain-addict that I am I can’t help but relate good domain names to fine wines. Maybe it’s that we’ve just spent the last two hours talking to the owners about wines, or maybe it’s just that I always have domains on my mind no matter what we are doing. Either way I thought I would share three different ways that I think good domain names are like fine wines:

1. A fine wine really is one of a kind – as we all know, every domain is unique, which means that a good domain really is incredibly unique. I know some people say that one domain is similar to another but that’s really not true, no domain is like one and other, they are all very different from each other and the same is true with wine. Just because a winery is next door to another doesn’t mean they make wine that tastes even nearly as good.

2. A fine wine speaks for itself – you don’t have to tell anyone that a fine wine is as good as you think it is, all you need to do is let them try it. The same is good for a great domain, all you need to do is tell someone the name and they should instantly know it is great, if not, then it might not be as great as you think it is. Just think about it, TheBestLawyers.com might sound great to you but Lawyers.com sound great to everyone. Get it?

3. A fine wines tends to be aged – good domains tend to always be aged. Sure, you can hand-register something that could sell for a few thousand dollars but you’re not going to hand-register something that sell for a few hundred-thousand dollars. A fifteen year-old one-word .COM is probably going to be significantly better than a two year-old one-word .COM.

Can you think of any other ways that good domains are like fine wines? Comment and let your voice be heard!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton