A blast from the past – long lost interviews with Domainers you know and love

A week from today I will be giving the keynote at The Domain Conference in Fort Lauderdale. This is meaningful to me for a number of reasons, the first being how much I felt welcomed to the Domain industry from day one, and as someone who came to the industry late by most standards. Still today I think it’s early, but regardless, it was late to the party.

My first domain conference was TRAFFIC Vegas 2010 (here’s my incredibly dorky post from day one) and I can still remember when I had breakfast with Ron Jackson, Diana Jackson, Howard Neu, and Rick Schwartz. I can honestly say I well a bit starstruck – these were the guys I read about every single day, and now I was having breakfast with them!

For those with good memories, you can remember that’s when I also setup a camera, some studio lights, and started interviewing some real Domain Name legends at the Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas. This might bring back some memories:


While I have a lot of readers who have been here since the early days, I know a lot of you missed these moments. So I thought it was time to dig into the archives and unearth some long lost footage that I’m thinking everyone will enjoy. So if you missed those interviews, here are a few, that still embarrass me to no end (I’m a huge geek wearing a puffy oversized shirt in every interview), but heck they’re public so you are welcome to watch.


Interview with Ray Neu at TRAFFIC Vancouver


Interview with Andrew from Domain Name Wire

Morgan Linton Sandra Water School

Interview with Sandra from the Water School

Morgan Linton and Mike Fabulous

Interview with Mike “Fabulous”

Okay, so by now you probably agree – “Morgan, what’s with the puffy oversized shirts?” I agree, it’s taken me years to fix. Regardless I hope this gave you a taste for what’s to come next week, great people, a great industry, and a family that I can tell you from a LOT of first-hand experience, knows how to run a conference better than just about anyone! I hope to see many of you next week at The Domain Conference, if you see me mention this post and I’ll happily buy you a beer as a reward for reading the last sentence of this post 🙂

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton