A $329 Click On A Parked Page?

Before reading this post I recommend you read my ClickMillions Review

This is one of those things that I had to see to believe. I received an email from a blog reader who claimed to have received $328 from a single click on one of his parked pages. While I’ve had some affiliate relationships with actions that pay this much I’ve never heard of such an incredibly high-paying click. So I told him I had to see it to believe it and he sent over the proof and said he would be okay with me sharing this in a post as long as I blur out the info that would violate the TOS with his parking company which is Domain Sponsor in this case. This screenshot was sent to me with nothing blurred out and I did the blurring so know that the data on there is correct, I’m still in shock as I thought parking companies were honestly only paying a few shekels here and there but this certainly proves me wrong, and as you all know, I’m always happy to admit when I’m wrong.


I was able to hop on the phone with the domain owner who gave me a bit of information about his strategy behind parking and made it very clear that parking was alive and well. I have never made great money parking but this definitely has me interested. I am trying a software package and training program that this particular Domainer swears by and if I see good results I’ll certainly share it with all of you. For those thinking, oh this must be some typo or Trademark violation I can tell you, it’s not, and I steer clear of those for good reason. This particular domain was a geo-targeted name in a very lucrative niche. I have always poo pooed parking but it might be time for me to eat my words. While I don’t think that anyone should bet on getting $329 clicks all day long, the fact that it is possible still amazes me.

So I’ll be diving deeper here and as usual reporting back to all of you. Stay-tuned and as always feel free to comment and let your voice be heard!

UPDATE – I have had a chance to try-out ClickMillions and do not recommend it, please read my full review here.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton