808 comments later – my “most-commented” post of all time

I wrote a post about a domain name appraisal scam that was stealing money from domain owners back in March of 2012. I just ran the numbers, it is now the post with the most comments in the history of this blog which dates back to October of 2007.


This is a scam that has been run by a number of people over the years. It works like this. Someone contacts you out of the blue and says they want to buy your domain name (often for a very nice price). They then tell you that they’ll pay as long as you get it professionally appraised by Company X.

This company, that I’m calling Company X is a website run by them that collects money for the appraisal. After you pay the fee for the appraisal, guess what – the “buyer” disappears.

I’ve received more emails than I can count over the years from people over the years who almost got scammed, but then read my post and quickly identified what was going on. As long as these scammers are out there, I’ll be blogging about them and exposing their tricks, the fake names they use, and their tactics.

You can read the original post here and if you want to comment you’ll be lucky number 809!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton