5N .COMs continue to see strong bidding in the aftermarket

I have pointed this out a few times now, but I’m happy to do it again because I can’t help but see it every time I look at expired domains. 5N .COMs are seeing strong bidding activity, and prices going into the thousands of dollars…which feels high, at least to me. As I’ve said many times before, I don’t know the numeric domain market very well so take what I say with a very large grain of salt.

So even though it seems weird to me, let’s get past it and live in a world where 5N .COMs are worth thousands of dollars, to an investor. I don’t think these are end users scooping up 5N .COMs from Go Daddy Auctions, these are investors…which means one of two things:

  1. They have no idea what they are doing and are just buying 5N .COMs because they have more money than they know what to do with
  2. They have buyers who will pay more than they are paying

Here are a few examples on Go Daddy right now:




Also here’s the real head scratcher for me, isn’t 4 supposed to be an unlucky number and a number that most people avoid in their domain names? Two of the names above have multiple fours in them. The only thing I can think of is an edge case where multiple fours together can end up lucky. I first read about this on the Media Options blog:

The number four, however, can be considered a lucky double double when associated with joy or birth, as it sounds like “everything,” “all the best” or “everything you want you can get.” (Source – Media Options)

Do you understand why these 5N .COMs are selling for so much? Is there one buyer out there who loves them or is this a real trend and are 5N .COMs really the valuable asset that I didn’t think they were? I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton