$558,582 in Websites Sold On Flippa Last Week

While the world economy is coming apart at the seams, Flippa, the #1 online marketplace for websites is firing on all cylinders and growing like crazy. Just last week the company made over $558,582 in sales bringing their overall sales just shy of $64 million.


The $558,582 in sales came from a total of 6,734 bids and company still boasts a sales rate of 58% over the last three months which is pretty darn impressive if you ask me. Some of the top sales this month include:

TwitrBackgrounds.com – $110,000

Ultimate-Tattoo-Bible.com – $80,000

iAutoBlog.com – $55,000

MassCops.com – $30,000

What many people might not realize is that there are lots of even bigger sales going on within Flippa through their private auctions. These auctions do not display the site or price publicly and often for higher-quality assets this is the preferred method by both buyer and seller. On that note an Affiliate Review Website sold in the mid six-figure range last week and is yet another shining example of the real businesses that are selling on Flippa every single day, for real money.

Just think, any of these domains above probably wouldn’t sell for more than $100 on their own. Couple these with a real business, traffic, and revenue and you’ve turned $100 into a five-figure sale. Flippa could easily end November with over four million in sales and in December I think the sky is the limit as more buyers tend to come-out towards the very end of the year.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton