5 Reasons Why NamesCon Could Just Be The Gold Standard For Conferences…Period


I’m back from Las Vegas and this time with more money in my pocket than when I arrived thanks to some good gambling luck and some even better domain deals. First let me just say I am incredibly impressed by the quality event that Richard and team have put together. NamesCon should be looked at by conferences around the world as the gold standard for how to do things right.

Of course I can’t say something like that without backing it up, so here it goes:

  1. Ticket prices that make it possible for everyone to attend – let me just compare this to conferences that I go to now with Bold Metrics. eTail West, an awesome retail show that we go to in California every year costs $3,800 per person to attend. This means that ONLY venture funded startups with a real budget for shows can attend. NamesCon tickets are in the hundreds of dollars range which opens the doors to everyone.
  2. Panels and talks that cover a wide range of topics – from the founder of WordPress to Frank Schilling, to geo-domain experts like Steve Kay, the agenda really did offer something for everyone. Yes, the title of the conference is NamesCon but the topics really hit home with Internet entrepreneurs from around the world.
  3. A hotel that is actually affordable – I hate to keep ragging on eTail West but they give attendees a hotel discount and it still ends up at close to $300/night. The Tropicana is on the Vegas strip, easy to get around, and costs less than $150/night.
  4. Organized, organized, organized – I’ve known Richard Lau for years and I can tell you…he’s one organized dude. Seriously, Richard and team have NamesCon running like a finely-tuned machine and it’s only the fourth year they’ve been running the conference. Pardon my french but this is fucking hard to do and I’ve seen it done wrong more times than I can count.
  5. The attendees – at the core of a great conference is great people. The quality of attendees at NamesCon is top notch because everyone is there to learn. Honestly, this is not a conference for egos, everyone is at NamesCon to learn from each other and spend time with quality people. If you missed the show I can tell you that you really missed something special and you should come next year to spend time with the people that go above all else.

Congrats to the whole NamesCon team, I know how much work went into putting all of this together and I couldn’t be more proud to have been at the show every single year it has been around, looking forward to the years to come. Here’s a few highlights from the show, more to come over the next week!


(Me, Kevin, and Brian from PIR)


(My attempt at a selfie after my talk)


(Me, Braden and James getting our pick-up compliments of InternetX)


(Uniregistry party at Hakkasan)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton