3 Ways To Find Buyers For Your Domains

As usual this post is inspired by readers who have been writing-in asking me the same question – “How do I find buyers for my domains?” It’s a good question and one that I haven’t covered in a few months so I though now would be a good time for a refresher. Selling domains is NOT my primary business and I have no claims to being a Domain Sales Guru. I make my money in this industry through Domain Monetization however I’ve made a reasonable amount of sales over the last three years (over 30 domains) and continue to sell domains every month. Over the years I’ve learned what works for me and what doesn’t and I’m happy to share this with all of you!

So if you’re ready to sell your domains – here are the three methods that have worked the best for me:

  1. Search for the keywords in your domain on Google. Reach-out to anyone advertising through AdWords – they are ALREADY PAYING to advertise with the keywords that exactly match your domain. Make sure to contact someone in the “web marketing” or “legal” dept. One of the biggest mistakes people make is talking to salespeople – anyone that wants to sell you something doesn’t want to buy something from you!
  2. If you own a .net or .org – try to sell it to the .com owner. Just think – if the person is running a business on the .com why wouldn’t they want the .net or .org? Sure – they might not pay a fortune for it but you already know there has to be some level of interest there. Of course if you have a .info or .mobi it’s probably not going to fly – this technique is really only suited to .net and .org owners.
  3. Look for people on page three and four of Google. Having an exact-match domain is a great way to get on the first page of Google (of course good SEO is essential). If a company is stuck on the third or fourth page of Google you could give them a compelling argument to get your exact-match Domain. Don’t bother with the people on the first page of Google – they are already on the first page so this pitch won’t work with them.

That’s it – these are the three ways that have been most effective for me to sell my domains. Notice that I didn’t talk about domain listing services or forums. That’s right – I’ve always found you have to be proactive about selling your domains. Simply putting your domains up for sale on a listing service is not enough – you need to reach-out to your target audience, send emails, make phone calls – it’s called sales for a reason, now get out there and sell!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton