3 Ways To Encourage More Offers On Your Domains

Not all domains get offers, in fact, a minority of domain names get offers from end-users. In most cases this is because the domain just plain sucks. I don’t mean to be blunt but it’s true, your baby might be ugly. However there are also domain names that don’t suck, in fact they are pretty darn good, but they get little to no offers. Their owners may assume that the domain just isn’t of much interest to end-users, when instead they may be inadvertently turning people away.

What many Domain Investors forget to think about is how little your average person knows about domains. Most people don’t know how to conduct a WHOIS search, what a domain would cost, or even what a registrar is. This means that you want to do everything you can tell let someone know that your domain is for sale, unless of course you don’t want to sell it, but then you shouldn’t be reading a post about how to get more offers on your domains.

Below are three quick and easy ways to encourage more offers on your domains:

Place a “For Sale” banner at the top of your site – I think InternetTraffic.com and TrafficZ do great jobs of making a clear and visible for sale strip at the top of the the site. There should be a clear call to action so anyone visiting the site knows it is for sale and knows how to make an offer.
  1. Keep your WHOIS information public – most people assume that if your WHOIS information is private, you don’t want to be contacted. In fact most people have no idea that you can email these WHOIS privacy addresses and get in touch with the owner. Make your information public, heck you can even mention that the domain is for sale in your WHOIS if you really want to make it clear.
  2. Don’t develop the domain – if you want to monetize your domain, build it out, but if you want to maximize offers this will work against you. When people see a fully built website on a domain they assume there’s a business there and that either the domain is not for sale, or there would be a lot of complexity buying it.

One final note that I think is important to mention. While I love so many wonderful TLDs out there it should be known that .COM domains do get far more inquiries than any other TLD. I’m not saying other TLDs don’t get offers, they certainly do, but .COMs get the most.

Feel free to share your own tips for encouraging more offers or comment on any of mine!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton