3 Things That Might Be Hurting Your Chances Of Selling Your Domains

I’ve done a lot of posts about ways to increase your chance of selling your domains and specific techniques I’ve used to sell my own names. What I haven’t talked much about is things that you might be doing right now that are hurting your chances of selling your domains. These are all things that I’ve done myself and I learned over time that I was only holding myself back, often I learned these lessons only after talking to other investors who had themselves learned these lessons years ago.

The thing about Domain Investing is that it can quickly become overwhelming, which means that many of the things you can do to generate revenue for your portfolio fall to the wayside. By staying focused on where you’re making the most money, and giving yourself the best chances to move your names, you’ll find more liquidity, of course it all starts with high quality domains, but assuming you have those (which might be a bold assumption but it’s up to you to be honest with yourself), these are three things that could be hurting your chances of moving them:

Private WHOIS – while many of us know that you can simply send an email to a private WHOIS address and it makes it’s way to the owner, end users do not. Most end-users see private WHOIS info and just assume that the name is not for sale or that there is not way to contact the owner. Unless you have something to hide, make this public or you might turn around potential buyers that can’t do the most simple thing a buyer needs to do, contact you.
  1. Developed Website – sorry to say it but if you want to monetize your domains, development is a great path, if you want to sell them it’s not. Buyers typically assume a developed site is not for sale, or assume that if it is for sale they’ll have to pay extra. Also, although many Domainers think this will give the buyer an advantage because the site is already developed, this is often not the case since the buyer wants to build their own business on the name.
  2. Insanely High Price – if you want liquidity you’ll need to have prices that would make sense to a broad audience not just one particular perfect buyer. Be reasonable and put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. This does not apply if you’re holding lots of six and seven-figure names that you only need to sell a few of a year, but if you’re like the other 99% of us, then you’ll need to sell a few names to get to six-figures in sales, and pricing your names right will directly impact this.

As always I’d love to hear from you, add to the list and share other things you think could hurt your chance of selling your domains. Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton