3 Things Domainers Do On The Weekend

Let’s face it, Domainers are a different breed, in a good way, but still very different from about 99% of society. I know for many of my non-Domainer friends, weekends revolve around Sunday, the day of sports. Saturday typically becomes a day of errands for most people, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.

Domainers have very different weekends and I think it has a lot to do with the incredibly location independence of Domaining and the sheer addictive nature of the business. If you’re a Domainer, there’s a good chance you’re doing one of the things on this list right now.

  1. Read Domaining Blogs – many Domainers read Domaining blogs on the weekends when businesses isn’t necessarily in high-gear. I know for me all my end-user deals take place during the week via email and on the phone. Just about everyone I sell a domain to takes weekends off and doesn’t want to be dealing with domain transfers over the weekend. This is true for many other Domainers who either call Domaining their full-time job or who have a day job that occupies most of their time during the week.
  2. Buy Expired Domains – as Domainers we all love expired domains and the weekends are often a great time to put a bit more time and attention into expired domains. Once again, without emails and phone calls coming in all day there’s more time to ooh and aah over some nice juicy expired domains. Is your mouth watering yet?
  3. Party Like A Rockstar – if you’ve been to a Domaining Conference then you know that we love to party, and we don’t take it lightly! I’m all about balance, work hard, party hard and most of my best friends in the Domaining space sure know how to party. Since I just got back from Vegas about ten minutes ago I would fall into this category.

Of course there are a lot more things that Domainers do on the weekend and going to the beach is typically on our list. What about you? What’s one or two things you find yourself doing every weekend?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton