Yes, A Seal Did Interrupt My Last Video + Picking The Right Domains To Develop

As you might know, I am doing monthly videos with my good friend Paul from iGoldrush and DomainIt. While I was recording my latest video this weekend one of our neighborhood seals (yes, we have tons of seals here!) interrupted my video just as I was getting started. Rather that pausing or starting over I decided, what the heck, let’s just keep on going.

It turns out what he was saying in the beginning of the video was, “Hey every seal within a two mile radius, come to my dock for a party.” By the end of the video that lone seal had turned-into a group of 10+ seals who decided to chime in again towards the end of the video.

This month I’m talking about a question I get asked a lot, how do I pick which domain(s) from my portfolio to develop. Come join me in Marina del Rey, seals and all, and learn how to go through your portfolio and pick the perfect name to live your development dreams.

(Watch the video and see the text summary on

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton