WorldCigars(dot)com sell for $1,001 on

The auction for WorldCigars(dot)com just ended on with a final sale price of $1,001. I wanted to give some final comments on this sale. First – congrats to whoever the domain owner is, it’s a fine domain name and a great final sale price.

A domain like this is one that needs the attention of a talented domain developer. There are really two types of domain investments, those that have intrinsic name-value, and those that have strong development value.

A domain name like has intrinsic name-value, people will type this into Google when they want to buy cigars and will most likely also type this into their browser window. Thus a domain like this will automatically get good type-in traffic and good search engine rankings with a mini-site on it.

A domain like WorldCigars(dot) does not have much intrinsic name-value since it is unlikely that anyone would type "WorldCigars" into their browser window or search for "World Cigars" in Google. With a nicely developed webpage though this domain could offer a valuable service because of the brandability of the name.

In three days Compete(dot)net becomes available for sale – this is a good example of a domain with intrinsic name-value since it is a one-word domain with a *very*  strong keyword. Just think how much a domain like or even would sell for!

Another exciting auction – looking forward to see more great domains sell through Bido!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton