WordPress 3.5 Is Here: 3 New Updates You Should Know About

WordPress has just released their latest version 3.5 which is one of the larger releases they’ve put out this year. First things first, update now. When WordPress does a release that means along with all the nice, shiny bells and whistles there are also security holes that have been patched. One of the #1 ways that WordPress sites get compromised is through old versions of the platform or one or more plugins. Go that out of the way? Let’s talk about all the new features WordPress added in this release!

Brand New Media Manager


WordPress has been busy working on a new Media Manager and it is definitely a major improvement. Now you can easily make image galleries and the layout controls you know and love just got better too. There’s also a new UI making the whole media manager easier to work with.

New Default Theme


What would a new version of WordPress be without a nice new default theme? The default theme has come a long way and this is definitely the most clean and crisp version I’ve ever seen. Easy to configure and easy on the eyes the new default theme is, as it’s always been, a great way to get a basic site up and running on WordPress in minutes.

Retina Ready


Have a new laptop or iPad with a retina display? Enough people do now that the kind folks over at WordPress it was time to create a retina experience. The entire dashboard has been re-jiggered for retina so it looks as beautiful as ever on all the latest gadgets.

There are a number of other features that were added but the three at the top are the main ones you’ll notice and care about right away. If you want to see a full list of what’s included just take a look at the WordPress 3.5 Version Notes. Enjoy, and remember, update now!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton