Why I Think Right Of The Dot Is a Game-Changer

There are two key elements that I think any company needs to be successful – a great idea and great people. Just think about it, there are so many people with great ideas, but the wrong people trying to execute them. At the same time there are plenty of great people out there working on mediocre ideas. Then there are those times when a great idea and great people are paired-together and you have a real game-changer.

Right of the Dot was announced this week as a new partnership between Michael Berkens and Monte Cahn, two of the most respected Domainers in the industry with a history of very successful ventures. The new service will provide consulting for companies launching new TLDs and with two industry veterans like Michael and Monte companies now have a valuable resource on their side. To me a service like this is very “future forward” because while there are plenty of companies that work to improve existing markets, this service aims to help launch new markets the right way.


The Domaining world is changing, we all know it –  it’s services like this that will help move us in the right direction and create more value for all of us. My hat goes off to Michael and Monte for thinking outside of the box and launching a truly innovative and much needed service.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton