Who is buying these ccTLDs? 30.cc, Hall-Of-Fame.de, E-Bikes.at?!?!

So I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t had much success myself selling ccTLDs. While I do sell usually a domain or two a month these are mostly in other extensions (usually .us). Most of my ccTLD domains I’ve been holding onto for development or resale at a time when I think the market has appreciated more.

I’ve always bought domain names with development in mind but seeing some of these ccTLD sales lately makes me think there might be some potential right now, in places we are all less than likely to look. At this point you’re probably saying, “What the heck is Morgan talking about?”
Here’s what I’m talking about – below are a few recent ccTLD sales…tell me if these sales amounts are even close to what you’d expect. I’m being completely honest when I say I wouldn’t have bought any of the names below for more than $10…yet someone out there was willing to pay four-figures!

30.cc – $1,935
Hall-Of-Fame.de – $1,935
FragranceForYou.co.uk – $1,000
GreenCars.ch – $1,742
e-bikes.at – $1,134

I was fairly certain that .CC had completely died and have long-since dropped all but one of my .CC names. What the heck is 30.cc doing selling for almost $2,000? Also – I know that dashes are popular in the .de space, but Hall-Of-Fame! My personal favorite is e-bikes.at. I think I’d have a hard time selling e-bikes.us or e-bikes.ca, but to see it sell for over $1,000 in .AT was pretty amazing!

So who is buying these? Where is that Domainer that saw 30.cc and thought that $2,000 seemed reasonable, or the guy that bought e-bikes.at. I have some great premium ccTLDs in my weekly newsletters yet it’s been challenging to find buyers. Everyone wants .COM – and I get it, but I’m trying to carve my own niche here in the ccTLD world…doing something a bit different!

As myself and many people have said, know what you know, and know what you don’t know. Domain development and monetization is my specialty, selling domains, especially ccTLDs is still a learning process for me. Still when I see sales like this I’m just dying to know the story behind each purchase. Just think of all the .cc or .mobi domains you dropped…what if there was a buyer out there that would have paid thousands of dollars for each one? Maybe there was and you just didn’t know about it!

I’m a proud ccTLD investor and believe in the market(s). I still think it’s early for liquidity to really kick-in but still I think I have potential to sell more domains in this space, I just have to keep learning! So if you currently sell ccTLDs or actively buy ccTLDs share some of your knowledge with me! Where do you go to sell your names? How do you find buyers? For the ccTLD buyers out there – what extensions are you looking at and what price ranges are most appealing?

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton