When It Comes To Cyber Monday 2012 – Exact Match Domains Win Again

I did a post yesterday about how exact-match domains were dominating search results for Black Friday 2012, however this year more than 50% of the November sales burst is expected to come from Cyber Monday. Let’s face it, gone are the days of consumers being afraid to buy online, in fact, more consumers are buying online than ever before and this Cyber Monday is expected to be the biggest in history.

So I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how exact-match domains are doing for the wildly popular search term, Cyber Monday and I found once again exact-match domains are doing very well. In the #1 spot is CyberMonday.com, followed by Wikipedia, and then in CyberMonday2012.com in the #3 spot.

Cyber Monday 2012

Scroll a bit further down, but still on Google page one and you’ll find BestCyberMonday.com, another exact-match domain. If you look at the link profile you’ll find that BestCyberMonday.com doesn’t have tons of link juice either, they only have 15 root domains linking in with the highest authority link coming from a popular link directory. It is very clear that the exact-match domain is helping this site because as Google themselves said, they aren’t punishing exact-match domains, they are punishing “low-quality” exact-match domains.

This CyberMonday will most likely be the highest single online shopping day the US has ever seen, and some smart exact-match domain owners are making it happen. Yes, low-quality exact-match domains with poorly written articles and AdSense ads all over the place are being pruned from Google’s search index, but exact-match domains are very much alive and well.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton