What you should know about what Apple announced today, in less than two minutes

So you missed Apple’s live event today but you keep hearing about cool things that were announced. Don’t worry – as usual I’m here to save you time so you can just get the good stuff and go on with your day. As you all know (or should know by now) I am a huge fan of Apple and a proud shareholder. I also see Apple as a company that sets a high bar for how to present products and connect with customers so as a startup founder who often explains our own product(s) to customers, I am incredibly interested in how Apple communicates at these events.

Okay, enough from me, here’s your under two-minute update on what you should know about what Apple announced today.



Starting in April you’ll be able to stream HBO exclusively on the Apple TV for $14.99/month. This is the first time HBO has allowed anyone without a cable or satellite provider to subscribe to HBO, and it’s about darn time.


Apple TV

Was $99 too expensive for you? Apple just reduced the price of the Apple TV down to $69, which is awesome, unless you bought an Apple TV within the last month or so.



Apple is opening up the iPhone to become a much more valuable platform for medical research and research kit now gives medical researchers more data than ever before.


New Macbooks

Of course what would an Apple event be like without new computers? The new Macbooks all have retina displays, a beautiful new keyboard with another Apple innovation behind-the-scenes and a nice upgrade of processors, hard disk space, etc. Oh and you can now get them in Silver, Grey, and Gold, so that your new Macbook can finally look new!


Apple Watch

Okay, so you’ve probably only kept reading because you, like everyone else at the event today is thinking, “When am I going to hear about the  Apple Watch!!” So Apple did spend a LONG time covering the  Apple Watch at their event, nothing new was announced except for that fact that you can pre-order the  Apple Watch starting on April 10th and they will start shipping on April 24th.

Last but not least,  Apple Watch pricing, pricing starts at $349 with the sports model shown below:

Apple Watch Sport

and go all the way up to a whopping $10,000 for the “screw my kid’s college education” edition:


Boom – there you have it, everything that you should know about from Apple’s event today in under two minutes. So what should you do now? Wait until April when everything becomes available and for now just enjoy feeling like a true Apple fan that watched the event but instead just spent two minutes on MorganLinton.com!

(image credit – Apple.com)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton