What a day – Ethereum breaks $1,000 and Tron becomes the #6 cryptocurrency

Well it’s officially impossible for an entire day to go by without something wild and crazy happening in the crypto world. Today two pretty remarkable events took place, I’ll start with the one I’m personally the most excited about – Ethereum broke $1,000 hitting a new all-time high.

As you probably know I’ve been a fan of Ethereum, I think it’s one of the most promising uses of Blockchain and it will pave the wave for the next generation of distributed computing. If you don’t know anything about Ethereum…or think you do but actually don’t – read this.


As you can see from the chart above when Ethereum crossed $1,000 earlier today NEM was the #6 cryptocurrency in the world. Now, after having one heck of an amazing day, Tron has taken the #6 spot to sit beside Cardano. If you’re thinking that Tron is either an awesome old retro arcade game, or a really cool movie where the entire soundtrack was done by Daft Punk…you’d be right. But I’m talking about a different Tron here, a cryptocurrency that, let’s be honest, most people haven’t heard of, and for those of us who have, we learned about it in the last month.


If you take a look at the last month Tron was literally at $0.002 for an absolutely ridiculously insane gain of 10,668%. If you want to learn more about Tron I recommend reading this article on CoinCentral first, and then head on over to reddit.com/r/Tronix/. I’ve found that Reddit is one of the best resources to use if you want to dig a bit deeper into a cryptocurrency and learn more about what the community is thinking.

Now the question is, will all the news this week about Tron cause more people to buy Tron and continue to cause the price to skyrocket? Then if this continues, will a marketplace like CoinBase start carrying it, literally sending the previously unknown cryptocurrency to the moon? Only time will tell, but that’s my best guess.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton