Westwood Dentists hit #1 Spot In Bing!

Yesterday evening I was going through my analytics data and saw a bit of traffic coming-in from Westwood Dentists, a lead generation site I built in September. In fact not only did I build the site in September, I actually hand-registered the domain name. Now let me start this post by saying that “westwood dentists” doesn’t have a ton of search volume so getting on the first page isn’t an option, it’s a must if I want the site to generate revenue. This is not a domain that I have the hopes of making thousands of dollars a month on, but it is a domain that targets the area that I live in which means I can do a much better job of connecting directly with the dentists.

Sure, “new york dentists” gets more traffic and could make a lot more money…however you have to start somewhere and since I have no experience with dentist lead generation I want to get the model right on a small scale before going big. I see far too many people building a zillion sites, each with the idea of getting direct advertisements from local businesses. It can take a lot of time and energy to close direct ad deals, if you’re used to just throwing some Adsense on your site and making money this is a very different model.

Being on the first page of a search engine like Google or Bing is pretty essential if you want to get strong organic traffic. Being in the #1 spot on either Google or Bing really means you own that market with that particular search engine and as you can see below WestwoodDentists.com is now #1 in Bing:

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What I like about seeing these search results is that there are advertisers targeting the keyword phrase “westwood dentists” and it’s always satisfying to outrank Yelp 🙂 Like I said earlier, this is not a crowning achievement, getting in this spot didn’t take any advanced SEO wizardry, it just took following the SEO best practices and having an exact match domain name. For those who think Bing is meaningless you should know they currently own 38% of the search market.

Of course like I said being on the first page of Google is important and Westwood Dentists also appears on the first page of Google:

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So what’s next?

I was waiting for the site to be ranked well before I began building a dentist directory. Now that I have a #1 spot in Bing and first page location in Google I will be reaching-out to dentists in Westwood and selling them space in my directory. I also have a main lead generation form that I will begin charging a monthly fee for – any leads that fill-out this form will go to the dentist that is signed-up for the spot. There are probably 30-40 dentists in westwood and if I can get just half of them signed-up I’ll have reached my revenue goals for this site.

In 2008 I built a model for my business to make money with Adsense, in 2009 I built a model for my business to make money with affiliate programs, now in 2010 I am building a model for my business to make money with lead generation and direct advertising. It’s been an evolution and a continual focus on getting more revenue for each visitor. When I moved from Adsense to Affiliate programs I saw some of my sites get double or triple what they previously did per visitor. Now with lead generation and direct advertising I’m hoping to not only make more money per visitor but have more direct control of my revenue.

Now it’s time to start putting-together my directory listing program so I can start pitching it to dentists. Like I’ve said throughout this post, I’m starting small, this is not a big lucrative market, this is a small stable market. If I can close these deals and make this site profitable I can then take the same model and apply it in another niche, where I also have exact-match domains like insurance, debt, etc. The idea here is simple and it really hasn’t changed since I got in this game – constantly try to make more money for each visitor that comes to your site. Adsense can be a start but if you’re in this for the long haul affiliate programs, direct advertising, and lead generation can help you take your business to the next level.

Thanks for reading and as always feel free to share your thoughts – comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton