Weekly Video – Domain Development: Building Translate.co.in

In this episode of Domainvestors.tv I discuss the development process I follow for building full-scale websites. While I have discussed mini-site development previously on my blog it is important to understand the time and energy that goes-into developing a full-scale website on a domain.

I recently purchased Translate.co.in through Bido.com and will be developing this domain as a translation service and resource for India.

When I embark on a new development project I like to make-sure I have a solid plan of when I plan to finish the site and how much time I expect the development process to take. It is absolutely essential that you set goals and deadlines if you really want to finish a project.

The main components of this development project are:

– Adding the translation interface to the site. For this I will be using the Google Translate API and AJAX.

– Writing the content. I plan to offer roughly ten articles on the site that I will write myself. I use the Google Adwords Keyword tool to determine which keywords related to “translate” are the most popular. This will help me provide content that people are looking for.

– Designing the headers, logos, etc.

– Writing the HTML, CSS, and PHP code for the site.

I will continue to include my readers in this development project and show you the site as it evolves.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton