Weekend Musings – In The Grid

If you watched the Facebook movie you probably heard the term “In the grid” as said by Sean Parker a few times. Well right now I am writing to you from in the grid. For those who don’t know what this means, it’s just a cool (or geeky depending on how you look at it) way to say that you’re fully concentrated on one thing. Right now that one thing is FashionMetric, a new startup founded by my fiance Daina we are working on with seven other people. A little over a week ago we found-out we had been selected to attend the AngelHack finals in Silicon Valley this Thursday.


So the last two weeks have been intense as we’ve all been working hard to turn a great idea, and a great team, into a real company building something that we have validated is definitely needed. If you want to read more about how FashionMetric got started, make sure to read this article on StartupNook – Winning Lean Startup Machine (LA) and Going to the AngelHack Finals: Our Lean Startup Story (PART 1).

This weekend we’re doing an all-weekend work session with all four founding team members here at our condo which we’ve turned-into the FashionMetric Corporate HQ for now. We are very fortunate to have an amazing team with a great balance of skill-sets from amazing developers (both front and backend) a designer that absolutely rocks, and a team synergy that just feels right.


The pressure is on, next Thursday Daina will be getting up in front of a panel of Angel Investors, VC’s and famous entrepreneurs to show them FashionMetric. The winner of AngelHack gets seed funding but just making it to the finals is reward enough to us, plus, win or not, we’re moving forward and building this business!

On the domain side this has also been an amazing week as I brought in close to $40K profit this week alone which isn’t half bad. However this weekend isn’t about Domaining or blogging, this weekend is about FashionMetric.

If you’re reading this post and you’re a guy who has had trouble finding clothes that fit, feel free to sign-up for our beta program and be one of the first people to see FashionMetric in action. Thanks for reading, now back to the grid!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton