Weekend Musings – Hello from Snowy Big Bear!


Well it’s officially that time of year where we unplug and head for the mountains. Most people don’t know that you can drive only two hours outside of Los Angeles and find yourself 8,000 feet up on the top of a snowy mountain. There are two main spots on the mountain, Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear.

Last year Daina and I stayed in a wonderful cabin for the holidays and we’re doing the same thing again, this time with a group of friends. We all arrived just about an hour ago and are now busy Christmas-a-sizing the house. We are perched on top of a mountain and last I checked the temperature was a few degrees below freezing!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m terrible at taking vacations. One of the best things about Domaining is the incredibly location independence it allows. I can do the exact same work I do at home anywhere in the world, all I need is an internet connection and my trusty Macbook, and iPad, iPhone, and of course Sonos since I can’t work without music.

I will say that some of the best domain buys I’ve made have been over the holidays and while I will be staying away from the computer for most of the trip, there are a few auctions I’m in. However, most of this week will be dedicated to skiing and enjoying some much needed R&R.

Hopefully all of you are getting a chance to unplug as well, take a step back, and reflect on 2012. On the drive up Daina and I were talking about how lucky we feel for having such a great year. Now it’s time to recharge the batteries and get ready to rock in 2013.

Stay-tuned, even though I’ll be relatively unplugged you can still expect my usual daily blog posts. Now it’s your turn, what are you doing this weekend and who are you doing it with? Comment and share your weekend musings too!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton