Weekend Musings – Free Beer On Me For Blog Commentators!


Photo From Our Hike In The Palisades This Afternoon

Wow – what a weekend it has been! Last check out MeetUp group had hit 109 RSVP’s and DOMAINfest 2012 is only a day away! This has been a busy weekend with lots of work getting ready for an action-packed week so I’m really going to keep this short and sweet this time!

  • It’s awesome to see all my Domaining buddies come in from all of the world, while this has definitely not contributed to helping me get a ton of sleep, it is great to connect-up with everyone before the show.
  • There’s a buzz in the air. 2012 just feels different, people seem more excited than ever, something tells me DOMAINfest is going to kick-off one kick-ass year in Domaining!
  • The weather in LA is amazing right now! I went for a great hike today with a few friends from out of town this afternoon, both of them live in places where it’s snowing. If you like summer, come to LA, we really d have summer all year round and it couldn’t be better for this week!
  • I can’t wait to see how the DOMAINfest auction goes, last year was tough for live auctions and I’m really hoping that this year we see a nice trend reversal. As I said in my post from yesterday, it all comes down to pricing the domains the right.
  • Domain Development is In! That’s right, I’ve been saying it since 2007 when everyone teased me for not parking…but really, it’s finally in now! If you take a look at the agenda for DOMAINfest you’ll see some really strong talks about Domain Development from SEO to Site Tuning!
  • If you want to survive the lack of sleep and shaking a million hands without getting sick I highly recommend Emergenc. If you haven’t heard of Emergenc it is this very cool packets of fizzy goodness that pump your body full of vitamins. I use this on all my trips around the world and have found it great to staying healthy and, er, recovering from a intense night on the town…of which there are three coming-up at DOMAINfest!
  • Time to get back to work – lots of exciting things going on next week and I have to get ready for some great meetings and the beginning of some exciting new partnerships for the year. More to come but I can’t ruin all the surprises now!

Oh, and now to address the little “Free Beer On Me :)” piece in the title. If you read my blog and have commented before, and you’re coming to DOMAINfest, come find me and I’ll buy you a beer. Every single person that has shared their opinion on my blog absolutely deserves a beer, right? So come find me, I’ll be…everywhere, or trying to be!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton