Weekend Musings And Why The Beatles Were Right

Malibu Hiking
Rising Sun Trail, Malibu

Hello everyone and welcome to my weekend musings. I started my musings a bit early with a few thoughts that were running through my head last night. This weekend is going to be nice and relaxing with some time around the house today, then off to celebrate Lisa’s new book, Swagger and then 3D Movie Night here at our place!

Tomorrow morning we’ll be going for an awesome hike in Malibu and then relaxing around the house and enjoying time together. Weekends like this really make me realize that the Beatles were 100% right, all you need is love.

I have so many friends that tell me about their weekends and it sounds insane. Things like, well we are going to Home Depot to pick out new faucets, then to Costco, and then working on my deck, followed by yard work, oh and I need to repair the water heater. Oy! For us the weekends are about one thing, spending time together and enjoying life. Since we work together a lot this also means that even when we’re working, we are still spending time together which is pretty awesome.

So if you have plans this weekend to run around doing errands or crawl around on your hands and knees fixing things around the house maybe consider a different reality. Be spontaneous, book a night at a Bed and Breakfast and just enjoy life, don’t focus on all the little things you need to do, focus on spending time with the people you love.

Another friend of mine was bragging to me about how we worked late every night last week. I asked him, “What’s so great about that?” His wife was at home with the kids and he was alone in his office staring at spreadsheets. He took a minute to think about it and said, “Well I make more money that way.” Ugh, how depressing is that?

There are lots of ways to make money and you can make more money spending less time than you do now, it just takes changing the way you do things. I’ve found with my own business the more focus I provide and the less I put on my plate, the better I do. I am making significantly more money than I did last year yet I’m doing less work and working on less projects. It’s all about prioritization and if your partner and/or family doesn’t come first, it’s time to find a better way to get paid for your time.

Michael Gilmour did a great post on his blog about the fact that Time is Money. He talks about how Domainers often forget to factor their own time into the equation. I think of this every time someone tells me they sold a name for $200 after emailing hundreds of end-users and negotiating for weeks. I think, okay well that probably means you made about $10/hour, and that’s only if you paid reg fee for the domain.

Now let’s get back to the Beatles, time is the most important asset that you have, spend it wisely and remember, all you need is love. Those new faucet handles or yard work can wait, go book that B&B, open up a nice bottle of wine, put on your favorite song and enjoy the life you deserve.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton