Weekend Musings

Barons Creekside

Hello, happy Sunday, and welcome to my weekend musings. I’ve decided to start these posts with a photo that I’ve taken since as many of you know, while not professionally trained (or very good IMO) I do take a lot of photos. The photo above was taken last weekend at Baron’s Creekside in Fredericksburg, our favorite escape just outside of Austin.

This has been an incredibly busy week with my time split between interviewing candidates for some of the open positions we have at Fashion Metric and working with some of our new customers. I also wrote what has become one of the most-read blogs posts that I have ever written about the difference between a VP of Engineering and a CTO, if you’d like to know the difference feel free to give it a read. Below is the current stats on Twitter, I’m still honestly blown-away by how much this took off on social media:

MorganLinton Twitter

Given how intense work is now we spent most of the day Saturday working but I was able to hop out for a quick kayak and swim in the afternoon. I also got to watch the Mav’s game which was a fun one even though sadly they did not end up victorious. It’s okay, only game one so there’s still a lot of great games to come.

While we tend to work six days a week we do try to take Sundays off and lately have been exploring some of the great hiking spots in and around Austin. Today we went hiking with a good friend of ours (from another awesome Austin startup called Pivot Freight) on a trail called the Turkey Creek Trail. Here’s a few photos from this morning’s adventures:

Turkey Creek Trail

Turkey Creek


As you can tell, we all have some very stylish hiking hats! After the hike I went to an awesome yoga class and now am getting ready to head to a friends house for a BBQ. Not a bad way to end the weekend and ring in another intense and exciting week ahead.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend, as always feel free to share your weekend musings or comment on any of mine. Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton