Weekend Musings

Hello from sunny Marina del Rey and welcome to my weekend musings! After a surprisingly rainy week and a misty Saturday the sun has finally come out and we’re getting back to that summer weather I was getting used to. Yesterday Daina and I had a great misty rollerblading adventure, here’s a picture below of the Grand Canal which is a waterway that runs parallel to the Ocean.


Weekends for me used to be the only two days of the week I could put a full solid 8 hours into working on my own business. Now we both get weekends off and spend our weekdays building our dream company. It’s made me realize how much I actually missed weekends, little things like an afternoon rollerblading adventure or a trip to the beach really help to add balance to life.

Last week was a very busy week for Fashion Metric, we are working with a group of alpha testers and learning a lot of valuable information which is helping us refine our algorithm. The next few months we’ll be spending a lot of time going through data and getting more data from partners we are just starting to work with. It’s exciting, all-consuming, and exhilarating to be building this together and Daina and I are really enjoying all the time we get to spend together.

This made us reflect quite a bit on how our life used to be. I would often be travelling away for a week then home for a week, away for two weeks, home for a week. We would spend our whole days apart and while I traveled with some people that just loved getting out of the house, that just wasn’t me. I love travel, but not alone. Now we still travel quite a bit but we’re always traveling together.

On the Domaining side January has been a solid month with a few nice sales and another ~40 domains added to the portfolio. I am starting to get really excited about WEBfest, it’s less than two weeks away now! Can’t wait to see everyone there and trying to rest my liver in anticipation for another epic week 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great weekend. As always feel free to share your weekend musings on comment on any of mine.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton