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Wow, this has been one busy week with the elections taking center stage on the news-front and our Fashion Metric alpha keeping us incredibly busy day and night we’re just now coming up for air. This weekend Daina’s brother is coming in from Vancouver so it will be awesome to spend some time with him and enjoy some R&R on the beach. It is insanely windy today on the marina but we’re learning that this is something that happens when you live on the water.

On Thursday we went to an awesome Fashion Tech event hosted by Third Wave Fashion, really exciting to see all of the other startups in this space in LA. Fashion Tech is a relatively new space and it’s still just getting started, a bit like the LA startup scene itself which makes it that much more exciting.


A few of the people in that photo you may know of, there are some truly inspiring people here like MJ, the founder of  Shoe Dazzle who is second from the right or David (second from the left), head of acquisitions for the wildly popular BeachMint. This was a great event and incredibly interesting to hear how many of these startups got going and why they love calling Silicon Beach home.


We’re getting into James Bond-mode now that the new movie is out. Last night we watched one of my all time favorites, From Russia With Love, if you haven’t seen this in a while (or ever) I recommend watching it before seeing the new movie. Really shows you how far Bond has come and also shows Sean Connery at his best.

On the domain-front Linton Investments sold four names last week, continued development on three projects, our writers wrote more articles than I even know about and a new version of the corporate site was launched. Hats off to the whole team for making all of this happen, as many of you know I now focus most of my time on Fashion Metric but am still the proud Founder and CEO of Linton Investments and couldn’t be more excited to see the business continuing to grow and develop with the amazing team I’ve built.

Next week I have an interview with a very promising Sales Director candidate and a writer in PA that has written for some major publications that is looking to come join our writing staff. It’s hard to find great people so two in one week could be very exciting!

Off to the airport, it’s family time! I hope you are all having a great weekend!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton