Weekend Musings

Rainy NYC

It has been an incredibly busy week in NYC and just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean it’s slowing down. I have a busy schedule this weekend so only a couple of minutes to write this post, so here we go, from my head to my blog, these are my weekend musings:

  • I love NYC, I come here just about every month and could really see Daina and I living here, every time I come here I am reminded of why I love New York so much. The hustle and bustle is unbeatable and when it comes to getting things done, NYC is the city to do it in.
  • I don’t like the rain. It was like summer when I left LA (which it should be since it is summer!) and the rain in NYC was brutal for the first three days I was here. From delaying my flight to making it impossible to text on my iPhone (iPhone and raindrops don’t get along) it’s been annoying. Luckily it is nice and sunny today. This is the first trip this year I haven’t brought my jacket, so go figure it decides to rain.
  • I sold three domains this week. I’ve found that having a blog makes people a bit cautious when negotiating deals with you. Just about everyone I sell to now has asked that I not blab about it here on my blog. I can understand this but still really want to share! Oh well, a deal is a deal and my word is my bond so if you tell me you don’t want me to talk about the sale, I don’t, period.
  • FashionMetric has become my #1 focus. I am spending more time on FashionMetric than on Linton Investments or our wedding! It’s incredibly exciting and most of what’s happening now can’t be discussed at the moment but I’ll definitely share what I can in the future. You will probably see my blog focus more and more on our experience building a startup. I still love domains but it’s been a dream of Daina and mine to start a company together and we are living that dream right now! It’s intense and it’s only going to get more intense, but we’re loving every minute of it.
  • On that note I am taking my focus away from Domain Development, we have lots of great properties that are running themselves, and a good handful that are running with the support of some great team members that are making it happen.
  • It all comes down to focus and one of the hardest things to do in life is to put maximum focus onto the things that you enjoy the most and the things that get the most traction. Through building so many brands over the years I really learned that I really love building businesses, not building websites and that’s exactly where my energy is going now.
  • That being said I am still buying more domains than ever, dropping more domains than ever, and selling more domains than ever. I want my portfolio to drop in size by about 50% while spending around 10x what I did last year on names. Less names, higher quality, more focus, that’s the direction I’m going in.

Wow, well this wasn’t short at all! In writing the last bullet point I realized that as usual my “short and sweet” post has hit the 500 word count. So with that I’m out of here, I’m off with my groomsmen in NYC to get our Tux’s fitted and then to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants Buddakan NYC. I hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton