Watch-Out TextBroker: oDesk Is Getting Into The Content Game In A Major Way

As you’ve all heard me say a million times now, Content is King. Of course there are many different places to get content and as I’ve also said before, it really isn’t just content that is king, but high-quality unique content. I’ve been a fan of TextBroker for quite some time now but also use oDesk and eLance for hiring outsourced contractors.

I was surprised to find yesterday that after posting a job on oDesk for a blog writer, I received an email from oDesk themselves asking if I’d like to try a new content service they are rolling-out. It’s called MediaPiston and from what I’ve seen so far…it looks a lot better than TextBroker.


You can choose from a really nice set of options so that you can really pick the kind of writing you’re looking for. Below is a screenshot showing some of the different content options and prices that they offer:


From what I’ve seen so far the system looks great and I am placing my first order today. I will of course report back and let all of you know what I think of the results and if this is indeed a better solution than TextBroker. Content is the #1 expense in my business and also the most important thing for us so if there’s a better way to get it, I am incredibly interested.

While it looks like Media Piston has been in existence for some time now my understanding is that the relationship with oDesk is a new one. If any of you have experience with this service I would be very interested in hearing your feedback and recommendations.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton