Watch out Dropbox, Mega is coming!

According to ZDNet Kim Dotcom was the top tech story of 2012 and based on the latest news out of New Zealand it looks like he will be taking that title again in 2013 with the help of Instra, a New Zealand-based domain registrar and hosting provider. For those who remember the MegaUpload fiasco from last year Kim Dotcom gained worldwide attention as the US Department of Justice staged a dramatic raid on his New Zealand estate.

For those who just glanced at the story Kim looked like the pirate to end all pirates, however the legality of the raid and wrongdoing of Kim and MegaUpload has now been called into question. The service had over 180 million users and policing that many users with that much content is next-to-impossible, just ask YouTube!

Now Kim is back and with a service that looks to be bigger and better than Dropbox and starts users out with a whopping 50 GB of free storage, which compared to Dropbox’s 2 GB free account is, well, mega.


I have known Tony and the folks at Instra for a while now and can tell you they run a world-class organization with some of the most incredibly passionate and innovative people on the planet. They are ready for the challenge ahead, Instra CEO Brian Clarkson told TechCrunch:

“Kim is innocent… This business has the right to offer a totally legal service unhindered by harassment from any authorities. We have received an enormous amount of legal advice about all aspects of the business and the relationship between Instra and Mega Limited. While Mega Limited will totally and rapidly co-operate with any requests from legitimate copyright holders to protect their IP, neither Mega nor Instra will co-operate with any organisation that attempts to frustrate the business of a highly innovative, totally legal service such as Mega is offering. This is the future of the Internet. We will do everything we can to protect innovation.”

So what makes Mega a worthy competitor to Dropbox?

It all comes down to technology. The service offers a new encryption technology that keeps data 100% secure and makes downloading and uploading multiple files faster than ever before. I have used Dropbox pretty much since launch and security and speed have been my two main gripes, Mega looks like it’s going to deliver above-and-beyond in this respect and that makes me pretty damn excited!

While I am not involved with Mega or this launch in any way I will be getting some exclusive photos and updates from the event that I will be sharing with all of you. I may also be able to get my hands on some passes so that readers can be some of the first to try out the new service.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow, there’s no doubt it’s going to be a Mega weekend!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton