Want to Learn More About Me? Check-out my Interview on DomainSherpa!

There’s a new Domaining blogger that has been really going above-and-beyond this year with insightful posts and some of the best interviews I’ve ever seen online. I’m talking about Michael Cyger from DomainSherpa and he’s done some amazing interviews with people like Ron Jackson, and Elliot Silver and I am excited to announce that my interview with Michael is now live on DomainSherpa.com!

You can view the interview by clicking on the image below. It’s an hour long so make sure to get yourself a coffee, beer, or glass of wine to really enjoy the full experience!


I would like to personally thank Michael for the great interview – it was an absolute blast and I hope that it allows all of my readers to get one step closer to understanding what I do and how I do it! Remember, I have a full time job that I absolutely love with a company I am more passionate about than just about anything on this planet. My day job easily takes up over 60 hours a week but hey, I love Domaining and spend just about all my extra free time buying, developing, and monetizing domain names. As you’ll hear in the interview I’m a passive income guy and there is no way I could balance Domaining with the intensity of my job if it wasn’t for the passive income I make from properties I’ve developed and monetized. It’s all about building a business (or building businesses) that run whether you are working on them or not.

Enjoy the interview and feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below or of course you can always just shoot me an email!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton