Today is an incredibly important day for our country. It is also an incredible day for any US Citizen as you have the power to impact our lives for the next four years and beyond. There are many people around the world that would give anything to be able to have the opportunity to vote, but they can’t because they live in a non-democratic country.

As you all know I never write about any political viewpoints on my blog, I believe this is something personal for each of us to decide for themselves. I never want to tell anyone how to vote, but I do want to express to all of you how important it is to vote.

There is no better way you could spend your time today than voting. So if you think you can’t fit it into your busy schedule, think again, you can and should because there are millions of people around the world who would die (and have died) for the opportunity that you have today.

I know there are many people from outside of the United States who read my blog and have been a bit disenchanted with the intensity of the propaganda and attack ads that have been created by both parties. While sometimes this can definitely get out of hand that does not change the importance a President plays in all of our lives, here in the US, and abroad. At times it may seem like Hollywood has taken over the political arena and at times I too am disappointed with how far some of these ads go.

Still, when it comes down to it, after the election one man will walk away as President of the United States and set the course for the nation for the next four years. This will impact how global companies do business, how people get healthcare, and what we do in foreign countries that we currently have troops in. Beyond the hype there are real people all over the world that will feel this impact, to some it may be good, to others it may be just the opposite.

The point is every vote counts and today everyone should be more proud than ever to live in a free and democratic country. So get out there and vote, don’t make excuses, just do it, because something tells me if you didn’t have the right to vote, you would want to more than anything else in the world.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton