Video Walkthrough Of Apple’s Grand Central Store – UDRP Ahead For

Today Apple opened it’s biggest store in the world, and where better to do this than the big Apple (some pun intended). The store is absolutely enormous and as usual it was completely packed on opening day. I’m a huge Apple fan but am yet to understand why anyone would want to wait in a long line, shuffle like cattle into a packed store just to see products you’ve already seen. I could understand it if Apple unveiled something new but I’m looking at video of people oogling over the iPad 2 which is pretty far from a new product.

Either way Apple fans (myself included) are fanatics, we’re all just fanatical about Apple in our own ways. Of course TechCrunch was on the scene and they took some videos from within the chaos. If you’d like to get inside the mayhem while enjoying the comfort of sitting at home in your PJ’s then watch and enjoy:

Of course with the grand opening of the Grand Central store I had to take a look at who owned Right now the site is currently being used as a personal blog which they clearly state is not affiliate with Apple in any way. As you can see from the screenshot below it does look like the site was designed by a five-year old so Apple may be UDRPing their parents if they go after the site.


The domain name was originally registered in February of this year and I’d imagine they’re enjoying a bit of a traffic boost with the grand opening today. I am monitoring this domain through Domain Tools so will let you all know if this mysteriously changes hands and lands with Apple anytime in the near future.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton