Vancouver Olympics – Day One

I’m in Vancouver for the Olympics and it’s been an incredible adventure so far! We arrived on Friday morning and I spent most of the day working – didn’t miss anything since the opening ceremonies didn’t start until six.

Our night began at a private party at a Condo across the street from the Olympic stadium. The balcony faced the back-entrance to the stadium which meant we were able to cheer performers on as they piled-into and out of the ceremonies.

It was great – really felt connected to the event even though we weren’t sitting in the crowd. There is something magical about the Olympics and you can feel it in the air as you’re walking around.

After the party we walked over to the tents that each country/province gets – they are called houses but most are actually HUGE tents. We went to the Saskatchewan House which had some incredible live music – great performers, good music – the Olympics – what can I say – it was great!

We left the Saskatchewan house when it closed and made our way to Granville St. which turned-out to be the same place just about everyone in the world seemed to be! The streets were completely packed and there were extraordinarily long lines which prevented us from getting-into any of the major hot-spots on the street.

In the end we ended-up in an amazing Chinese restaurant at about 2AM enjoying some great food and the energy of the crowd. At one point a guy walked-into the restaurant and two tables started chanting his name and cheering for him. When I turned-around to look he was being hoisted on the shoulders of his friends!

At another point a couple announced they were getting married and the entire restaurant cheered. Like I said – there’s something magical in the air and it’s only Day One!

More to come along with some great pictures and video!

We are still deciding if we are going to stay downtown or head to Whistler tomorrow – any suggestions?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton