Two of My Latest Development Projects Revealed!

As you know I’ve always been focused on turning my domains into revenue generating machines vs. selling them. I have trouble parting with my domains as I hate selling anything that is making me a consistent income each month. Currently I have just about 130 of the domains in my portfolio built-out into revenue-generating sites.

I learn new things about how to tune my sites almost every day as I now have a good swath of analytics and click-through data. When I develop a content site I try to make sure I am always thinking of what information the visitor is looking for. With product domains I have a laser-targeted view of what the visitor is looking for – more precise based on how specific the keywords are.

In the case of which I purchased at TRAFFIC in Las Vegas I know exactly what my target visitor is looking for – USB Memory Sticks. This is one of the things I really loved about this domain – it describes exactly what the visitor wants so I know what products to sell! I was able to quickly develop this into a product site – the whole project took a Sunday afternoon and there will definitely be more revisions and of course more products added in the future.

There are two main goals I have when designing a site like this:

  1. Make the site optimized for search – having an exact-match domain like this is a BIG win but on-page optimizations are essential to rank well in a category as large as this.
  2. Provide a simple way to monetize the traffic – in this case since I know exactly what my visitors are looking for – I give them exactly that – USB Memory Sticks that they can buy right-away. I am selling these through Amazon but have also included some Google Adsense to pick-up a bit of PPC business that might be there.

It’s still too early to see how much type-in traffic this domain has but with 135,000 exact match searches in Google for “USB Memory Stick” there is a big market here and I own the category with this domain! You will see the format of this site change over time as I tune my sites to ensure I am monetizing the traffic as efficiently as possible.

The next site I recently finished is – a site in one of the hottest markets online right now – debt! At Affiliate summit and Affiliate Convention I paid careful attention to where the best opportunities were for affiliates. Credit, Debt, Taxes, Insurance are areas that are on fire at the moment with lots of opportunities for affiliates and lead gen partners.

You will notice I am using WordPress for this site. I only use WordPress on sites I plan to update on a regular basis – in this case I will be updating weekly. I have three forms of monetization right now and am adding a fourth this weekend. I can monetize my traffic through:

  1. Affiliate Ads – I am using ads from Commission Junction on the far right-hand side
  2. Google Adsense – Debt/Credit is a high-paying category – these are very lucrative clicks
  3. Lead Generation – I am doing lead generation through my contact form as well as ads on the site
  4. (Coming Soon!) ClickBank Products – There are some great ClickBank products related to debt/credit – I am currently going through them now as I only want products I stand behind on my sites!

So you might be saying…well that all sounds fine and dandy but you’re building on a .ME – are you crazy? I am no crazier than my good buddy Bruce Marler who has shown quite clearly that .ME can be used quite effectively to promote sites in the US. Once again – that exact match domain is KEY!

I will continue to update my readers as always on my latest development projects. Of course I invite comments, questions, criticisms, etc. Also please feel free to share some of your latest projects with the group!

Happy Saturday and stay-tuned tomorrow for SEO Sunday!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton