Twitter and the Domaining Ecosystem

Twitter plays a vital role in many businesses – a company that was almost unknown several years ago has become an integral part of our global communication platform. The US Government has even requested that server maintenance updates be rescheduled due to their dependence on Twitter for information gathering!

Well today I’ve been thinking about what an important role Twitter plays in the Domaining world and thought I explain the many roles that Twitter plays for me.

It all starts with my Twitter buddies that I converse with throughout the week. Most of these are other Domainers I either know online or have met at conferences. It’s not uncommon to meet a few new people each week as well just from responses to my Tweets. Of course Patrick, Bruce and I enjoy teasing each other on Twitter – I wish one of them had a blog – it would be a great read!

Every blog post is Tweeted to my now over 5,000 subscribers – this is then reTweeted a number of times from people with far more subscribers than myself! I am very grateful to the people who RT my posts – this has been an essential part of my blog’s growth!

When I’m at a conference I user Twitter to share with everyone what I’m learning and where they can learn more about the topic. I’m an inspired person and when I hear about something exciting in the Domaining or Affiliate Marketing space I enjoy sharing it with the people who follow me on Twitter!

If there is a domain I think my followers might want to buy I will Tweet the domain and price – this is usually domains I’m selling at wholesale prices – I like to give an edge to the people who follow and support me!

I get new subscribers to my domain sales newsletter through Twitter by just letting everyone know what the focus is and how they can sign-up. It’s amazing how quickly Twitter can get the word-out!

Other people promote my eBook through Twitter. Although I do a few times a year there are people who promote my book daily on Twitter.

I learn about the latest trends on Twitter and find domains that correspond to non-TM trends that I see having good potential. I’m a trend Domaining fan and stick almost exclusively to .us and .com for any trend domains.

Of course there are even more ways I use Twitter in my daily Domaining life! Now it’s your turn – how do you use Twitter within the scope of the Domaining world?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton