Twitter and Domaining: Why Most People Don't Understand Either!

I was talking with a very tech savvy friend the other day. Let me first define tech savvy – this guy builds his own computers, is an excellent software developer with a strong programming background, and – top top it off, spends at least 5-hours a day on the Internet (about 50% of the time on Facebook). So I’d consider this friend more tech-savvy than most people I know. He loves Facebook and has customized the heck out of his profile – but he doesn’t use Twitter.

So I asked my friend, “hey – you are a Facebook junkie and an Internet guru – why not Twitter?”

His response surprised me. He said, “because Twitter is just a bunch of short blog posts that nobody wants to read, I like to interact with people.”

At first I was a bit stunned, so I asked him, “have you heard of the @reply?” I said.

He had no idea what an @reply was. In fact after a few more minutes of conversation I realized, he really didn’t understand Twitter at all. I then explained to him that you could actually reply to people and they could reply back, making it actually the most dynamic communication medium available online. “Wow! I had no idea!” he said, and yes, he created an account and is now a Twitter-addict.

This is not an isolated case. I am absolutely amazed at how many people don’t use Twitter simply because they haven’t take the time to learn how it works. There is a HUGE parallel here with Domaining.

I’m yet to find a friend or family member that has any idea what I mean when I tell them I’m a “Domainer” or enjoy “Domaining” – usually I get a weird look as if I invented the word right at that very moment. Many times I have to give people a few sites to look at like and to even convince them that the industry exists!

So what does not understanding Twitter have to do with Domaining? A lot!

Let’s face it – Twitter is FAR more well-known than Domaining yet many people just don’t get it. Domaining is not only confusing for people – but nobody has heard of it! Over the next few years I am excited to watch both the Twitter community and the Domaining community grow. That being said, for anyone out there who has ever said “it’s too late to get-into Domaining” just think of this analogy and understand that in fact – you’re still early!

So why do most people not understand Twitter or Domaining – even tech-savvy Internet-addicts? These are both brand new concepts, and as with anything – understanding and acceptance takes time. I find this absolutely exciting because I’m fanatical about both! Over time as Twitter continues to grow and Domaining becomes more well-known I hope to reference back to this post and say “wow – remember when people just didn’t quite get it yet!”

So spread the word – teach your friends, family, anyone you can about Domaining – you’d be surprised how little people know, and I really love talking to people about things that I am passionate about. In the end, this grows the market and helps our industry become more well-known which is a huge benefit to all of us.

As someone who used computers and networks before the Internet (yes I used to use BBS’s for those who can remember) I can still remember trying to explain to people what the Internet was. Most of them said – “so you have to use a computer and pay money to get information – and you have to search all over for it? That will never take-off.”

So remember, if everyone you talk to has never heard of Domaining – that’s a good thing. If they don’t understand Twitter, that is also a good thing because this shows the incredible potential both of these new industries have!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton