Trying A New WordPress Hosting Solution – WPEngine Review: Part One

Out of the sites we have developed roughly a quarter now run on WordPress and about eight of those are very important to us. We’ve tried a variety of solutions for managing these sites and keeping up with all the myriad of updates WordPress needs from plugins, to themes, to the entire platform. Right now it’s an incredibly manual process and while there are some tools that can make it easier, I haven’t seen any great end-to-end solutions.

Yesterday I saw a tweet about WPEngine, a fully managed WordPress hosting solution. Along with keeping your sites secure and up-to-date, they also make sure that your sites are insanely fast, and I mean fast. After doing a bit of research I kept finding really positive reviews with some serious accolades for the kind of speed increases people saw moving their blogs to WPEngine.

WPEngine Site

The first step for us is moving the eight sites over from their current hosting provider. I am going to pay WPEngine to do the move since it is critical that sites (like this blog!) don’t go down. I’ll let you all know how the move goes and hopefully you’ll be able to notice a nice speed increase and I’ll enjoy the peace-of-mind knowing that my WordPress sites are being looked-after by a team of specialists!

You can try WPEngine for 60-Days which is what I’m doing now, but based on what I’ve read it looks like this is the solution I’ve been looking for. Oh and the links in this post are affiliate links, if you want to cut me out of the picture completely go right ahead and simply visit Right now I can’t say I recommend this service yet since I’m only just getting started with it myself. What I can say is it looks like a great solution and if you’re not ready to make a decision now, you can wait until my next update to hear how my experience is going!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton