Gets a Facelift

As a developer it is not uncommon to design something that you think it great one night and terrible the next. This happened to me today with I’ve been buried in code lately working on the translation API calls (thank you Google!) and took a look at the site and decided that it was time for a facelift.

When I need inspiration I usually read articles online about User Interface Design and Graphic Design to understand what elements my site might be missing. One article I was reading mentioned the importance of images with “eye contact” to draw-in the user. So I headed over to iStockPhoto to see what images I could find that might be applicable to the site. I found a great image but realized I still needed to do more.

The background color was also starting to bother me so I experimented with different colors and decided that dark-gray looked the best with the current color-scheme I was working with.

Along with a new look-and-feel the “Articles” section is now complete. This time – rather than spending hours writing the articles myself I scoured the net for royalty-free articles and found some great articles that I could include on the site as long as I gave proper credit to the author. This not only allows me to save a lot of time on the project – but also allows my visitors to read articles written by an expert in the topic (actually wrote a book about learning languages) rather than by me who is definitely not an expert in learning languages.

Now for the before and after:





If you’ve been following-along with this project you know I plan to finish this by the end of June – so watch-out folks – will be a reality before you know it! I’m excited to provide a valuable resource to the Indian market.

Wondering where the ads are? I’m going to be designing the entire site first and then adding in the ads. The focus of the site should be content and useful services for the visitors so this is the main focus here – as it should be!

Let me know what you think!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton