Tier 1 Development Releases AnitVirus Site Badge

We’ve all seen them before, the tiny little badges that companies line-up at the bottom or top of their site. When I think of these badges companies like Verisign and McAfee come to mind. What you might not know about these badges is that they are absolutely critical to making users feel safe and secure on your site, especially if you’re hoping the visitor will buy something from you or sign-up for a particular service you are offering.

Data shows that putting these badges or trust seals on your site can increase sales by up to 7% and decrease bounce rate by a whopping 50%. Now, popular Domain Development firm Tier 1 Development has launched their own AntiVirus site badge. They have launched the badge on AntivirusSoftware.net and are offering 500 users a free year so now is the time to sign-up and try it out!

AVS-MainI personally am going to be using this badge on five of my sites and probably will be expanding it to ten early next year. On top of giving site visitors more confidence in your business the badge does what it says and all sites are scanned for viruses to ensure that you are indeed offering a safe and secure place to do business.

AVS-Badge-T1dIf you’d like to see some examples of sites using the badge right now you can check-out CelebTweets.com and LLC.net. So if you’re building a brand online and looking for a way to make your site more professional, trustworthy, and ensure that it is virus free make sure to check-out AntivirusSoftware.net and you could enjoy a free year on the house!

P.S. This is not a sponsored post but instead a service I just found-out about that I am excited to roll-out to some of my top brands.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton