Three Ways to Prevent Domain Theft

With so many domain names selling in the five and six-figure range it is critical to protect your investments. Heck, even if you just bought a name for $500 there is nothing fun about having that domain stolen. The amazing thing about domain theft is that while it can easily happen, there are also very simple ways to prevent it.

When someone steals your car or robs your home you can turn to the police, detectives, etc. When a domain name is stolen there is often nobody to turn to especially if you are with a big registrar that doesn’t do much to help customers get stolen domains back. Rather than kicking yourself for making a simple mistake take the time to secure your domains and you can rest easy knowing your names are safe.

There are many different security precautions you can take but the three below are easy ones to follow that will dramatically improve the security of your domains:

  1. Don’t use a free email account like GMail or Yahoo as the admin contact for your domain. These accounts have a ton of security holes and if someone gets access to your email account they can easily transfer the domain
  2. Pay Pal shouldn’t be your go-to payment service for major domain transactions. I highly recommend you use to handle any domain transactions over $500.
  3. For high-value names keep them at a registrar like Fabulous or Moniker, both have a reputation for incredible security and protecting the domain owner. If you really want to go all out use the Fabulous Security Key, this won’t allow domains to be transferred unless a physical USB key is in a computer requesting the transfer – doesn’t get more secure than that!
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton