The touch controllers for Oculus are more of a game-changer than I thought


Okay, so you probably all know by now that I’m a huge VR nut. I pre-ordered the Rift before I had even built my VR PC, and then proceeded to totally screw up my VR build by getting the wrong RAM, wrong motherboard, and in the end not pushing the RAM in far enough (yes this was pretty frustrating). That being said, I now have a pretty kick ass VR setup and I’ve been really enjoying the Rift and all the amazing games and experiences that are available for it.

When the touch controllers came out I thought, well I already have a controller and it seems to work pretty well, and I have a ton of games that don’t require touch, so what’s the rush. Then as time went on I started to feel like I was missing out, so I finally decided to get them.

Now I’m kicking myself for not getting them sooner because I’ll be honest, the Oculus touch controllers are more of a game-changer than I thought, way more. I think what I failed to see is that while a controller gives you a really great way to move around and interact in a virtual world, touch controllers give you hands, and that really does make all the difference.


The first game I bought is called “The Climb” and as you might have guessed from the name and the picture above, it’s a game where you get to rock climb in VR. Wow. Seriously, this blew my mind. First I think it’s safe to say this is more of an experience than a game, and yes, it really does feel like you’re rock climbing in a lot of ways.


My second Oculus touch experience was Tilt Brush, a VR app made by Google that probably represents the future of how art will be made – in VR. While I don’t think I’ll win any awards for my early work (okay, it was pretty chaotic and ugly to be honest) I can tell you I spent a solid 15 minutes just standing my living room painting in a virtual world, and that was awesome.

So I waited too long to get the touch controllers and now I’m playing catch up. Better late than never right? Now back to painting my next VR masterpiece…just after I climb this mount.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton